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Schools are responsible for the safety and welfare of hundreds of vulnerable young people who require a high level of consideration and protection. There are in fact nearly 400 Acts of Parliament and/or Statutory Instruments relating to school security matters.

Pupils are energetic, wilfull and numerous, and as dangerous as they are vulnerable. Like water, pupils will always find the shortest route between two points, e.g. school buildings and sports facilities on the premises, and their homes and nearby shops externally. Such unauthorised and uncontrolled movement can cause damage to school and adjacent property and makes the pupils themselves the subject of potential injury, e.g. crossing roads at uncontrolled or inadequately signed/lit points.

Pupils remain the responsibility of the school despite their neglect of themselves and their environment, hence their movement needs to be controlled and observed at all times if possible. Well-positioned, robust and well-maintained fencing and gates directing them away from danger are the principle means by which this is achieved. However, schools rarely have the time, resource or expertise to effectively monitor their perimeters (despite these being a safety-critical element of their facility). AlphaFence’s unique FENECcare service assists the school by shouldering this important responsibility:

Client Benefits:

  • Enables the School to meet its statutory duty of care in respect of the health, safety and welfare of its staff and pupils; buying valuable peace of mind in eliminating a significant area of worry and risk; and in so doing increase important parental (and other stakeholder) confidence.
  • Mitigates the consequences of any future incident or accident resulting from a failure of a particular element of the perimeter, i.e. a comprehensive ongoing programme of maintenance, repair and replacement is a pro-active demonstration of having taken “all reasonable” steps required of health & safety legislation.
  • Makes a public and positive statement to pupils, parents and other stakeholders of the school’s commitment to the care and welfare of their sons and daughters.
  • Reduces intentional theft, damage, and vandalism from external sources.
  • Reduces opportunist theft, damage through trespass, i.e. unauthorised public use of school grounds and facilities outside school hours or terms.
  • Reduces the likelihood of personal-injury claims as a result of unhygienic detritus on school premises, e.g. syringes, condoms, animal excrement; and/or reduce claims for damaged clothing and/or injury arising from poorly maintained, i.e. sharp, fencing components.
  • Controls pupils’ access/egress to/from premises through single authorised points that can be observed and monitored, reducing external risks such as external passing traffic, and also reducing the likelihood of unobserved absenteeism.
  • Controls and monitors visitor movements ensuring the schools and other stakeholders’ peace of mind in respect of the security of the children, e.g. reduce the likelihood of assault/abduction.
  • Identifies and segregates public rights of way on/adjacent to the premises, reducing the likelihood of opportunist theft and/or trespass.
  • Includes an annual inspection and report which provides a valuable mechanism for assessing the future funding requirement associated with this element of the external/buildings maintenance and/or renewal.
  • Increases the effective life of existing perimeter arrangements.
  • Provides a trusted, professional and quality ‘one-stop shop’ for all perimeter issues including emergency call-out, bespoke repairs (between annual inspections) and complete fence renewal.
  • Potentially helps to reduce insurance premiums following improved security and facility management.
  • A school caretaker or handyman can no longer be considered competent to effectively ‘assess and address’ sensitive issues affecting personal safety.

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FENCEcare means that AlphaFence's professional team will take on this ongoing responsibility on your behalf.