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Ball Catch Nets

Ball Catch Fencing & Ball Stop Netting 

Ball stop fencing or ball catch netting is designed to retain balls within a sports facility, and is typically positioned behind goal areas and can be stand-alone or attached above a host fence. Our netting systems are specially designed for heights up to 12 metres. Net apertures range from 28 mm (golf) to 125 mm (football and rugby) depending upon the sport and application. Netting is typically manufactured from black knotted UV-resistant polypropylene. For further information, see below.

 Ball Catch Nets
Dividing Nets

 Pitch Dividing Nets

Dividing nets enable a full size sports pitch to be sub-divided into smaller individual areas that can either be used for multi-instances of the same sport, e.g. 5-a-side, or for simultaneous use for different sports. Nets are fully retractable when not in use enabling full pitch play.
Netting is typically 45 x 45 x 2 mm knotted UV resistant polypropylene suspended on a taught upper steel cable.

 Dividing Nets
 Roof net  

Roof Netting Systems

In addition to perimeter and shared inner fences, we supply netted roofs to contain the balls within the facility, and further can provide integral corner posts for mounting flood lighting.

 Roof Nets