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Alphatect - Information Security for Small Businesses



With our company Alphafence we have been helping small businesses protect themselves with fences and gates for decades. And during that time, with the rise and rise of the Internet and cybercrime, we have seen a growing need for businesses to be protected inside as well as outside. 

Many small businesses that we meet think that information security is complicated and expensive. It can be both, but it needn’t be either. And so we formed Alphatect to provide practical low-cost solutions to help small businesses protect their IT stuff and information, and we try to do it in jargon-free plain English.  We believe in simplicity, like this simple webpage , which tells you all you need to know about us in just over one minute.

So what’s it all about?

Most small businesses these days have lots of IT stuff like computers, tablets, mobiles, and so on. And on that IT stuff they keep all the information that they need to operate effectively such as personnel records, accounts, client and supplier info. Just as they rely upon their machinery and vehicles to work each day, businesses also rely upon their IT stuff working and their vital information being available. And so these things need protecting, and this is what information security is all about: protecting your information from being deleted or corrupted, or viewed (or worse downloaded) by unauthorised persons.

How many of your customers would buy from you, or suppliers supply you, or employees work for you, if they thought that their sensitive information was being compromised on your systems?

How we can help?

We can help your business develop and implement no-nonsense policies and procedures to both protect your valuable information, and to recover it in the event of losing that information. We can also raise awareness within your organisation by training your staff: no more passwords written on post-it notes!

When you feel ready, we can help you gain accreditation to the government’s Cyber Essentials scheme. We believe that Cyber Essentials is the most cost-effective way for a small business to improve their information security, and better still to demonstrate to its customer and supplier base that it respects and protects their information. For those businesses wishing to take the next step, we can also help them meet the requirements of the IASME Governance information assurance standard, including GDPR compliance.

Information security could be the way that you stand out from your competitors: it’s good business, and good for business. 

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